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2012 – The Biggest Thing Since The Wheel

It’s ok; I can tell you’re a little bit skeptical about this claim.  Alas, I have a feeling that it’s true.  Just give me a second; I’ll do my best to prove this outrageous claim to you.  It’s coming, in the next paragraph; I just wanted to have four sentences in this one.

Hanson Photography is going to take things to the next level this year.  I’ve made that resolution and now that I’ve returned from Asia its already underway.  There are many things planned, with the intent to engage you, give you something to talk about, and keep you coming back to see what’s up.  I’ve revamped my equipment with professional line Nikon gear so that I can output images with a higher quality than ever before.  It all came in today, and let me tell you…itssss…ssoss…assmsasszing…sorry I’m drooling just talking about it.

You will have more reasons than ever to check back in with Hanson Photography on a regular basis.  A blog is a very powerful tool, and I intend to use it as such.  I’ve worked primarily with those I’ve known or have known me through a friend.  This is an opportunity to provide a personal insight into my life and what makes me tick.  I’m going to let you in on what Hanson Photography is working on and what creative things I’m coming with outside of work.  One planned attempt at this, will be the 366 Photo Challenge.  You have probably heard of these, typically a person takes a picture a day for a year.  Since it’s leap year I’ve decided to take the least exciting spin possible on it, and do an extra day.  Starting on the twenty ninth of February, those images will be released on the Hanson Photography Facebook Page every single day of the year.  I think I’m excusing myself ahead of time by forewarning you…there will be days I won’t have internet…but we’ll get there.

Ok, so there are a few business things going on, big deal.  BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!  This year, like always, there’s a wedding season.  It is different this time around though, because I won’t always be bringing a camera.  This has never happened to me before, but for the first time ever I will be on the opposite side of the camera!  Ha, while I typed that I realized what you’re thinking and you’re wrong.  I’m not getting married.  I’m starting small by appearing in two weddings.  With this privilege also comes responsibility, as I’m now required to write a speech and plan a bachelor party.  I’ll be passing the hat around for donations and suggestions after this message.

So that’s it.  2012 has begun.  Of course, not everything this year is about me.  We have to come to the realization that the end of the world is coming, and after December 21st there just won’t be anything left.  I am interested to see how they do that.  This may just be the biggest year ever.  In light of all this, enjoy a couple videos related to photography that I’ve been watching.  Stay tuned!


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