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1 thought on “Open For Business – Minnesota State Parks Offer Escape From Corona Virus”

  1. Ian… I was so elated to find your postcard in my mail box. I rarely check it to avoid being in the small hallway. Today just before starting out on my 7:15 a.m. walk , I decided to check .
    Thinking of you has never been hard nor occasional. You and your adventures are always with me. You are such a good writer to go along with the lovely, narrative visuals.
    To answer your queries about the old hood, this is a sad time to live in this area for ME. I fall into the category of STAY IN. So I do. At first it was the BEST scenario. Picture my apt . Easy, easy access to visiting folks passing in front of my windows. New easy to open windows. Lovely new screens. The first 10 days I enjoyed opening the front ones like I had a screen porch and chit chatting with social distancing. The back window was great too as I sat in my kitchen (perched?) alert as to who was dropping off garbage and recycling or headed via the alley shortcut to Kowalskis. Than, with warnings of the virus traveling in the air and lingering on metal garbage cans etc, I closed up my hermitage.
    Ian, this isn’t all dismal. I was MADE for this. (Well maybe not iNDeFINITELY) . My difficult pregnancies required bed-rest where I learned that as long as i had food and could shift around in place, I was content. So THIS is easy by comparison. I get out for solo walks but they aren’t good enough. This area is lousy with unmasked people. I ventured to our house over on Douglas and Emerson on the 30th to bring Matthew a painting I did for his birthday. We sat in the front yard. He and his wife and John and I all wore our masks. The total # of people I saw enroute , than sitting in the front yard and walking home was 90+. Four had on masks not counting my family.
    John will be 100 in July. So we are extra careful for his sake as well as others.
    Do you know the people who live in your old apt? Isaiah has been helpful doing Kowalski pick ups for me. I did venture there at first, but again, I was the only one wearing a mask. Julia went to Wedge two days ago and only a couple of people had on masks. Her friend who works there is anxious.
    I can fill you in more on people around here, but think I’d rather do this through a facebook chat or on the phone if you are able.
    The Chinese character for Crisis contains the chinese character for Opportunity! So I will tell you that I have been doing creative projects since I began my social distancing on March 11th. (the kids here started early…maybe because we have Sophia who is from China/ and Lichen , Ming’s long standing gf who is also from China. We have been on high alert. Our last visit was at 6 feet apart on 3/9 for my birthday.
    Ming returned from Seoul and quarantined with Lichen in their LA apt. He was screened for temperature twice before boarding in Seoul but not at all at the LAX.
    Everyone has been feeling well.
    So , Ian, rsvp when you get this e mail. And if you want more installments, I can chatter on. I don’t know how to send you pictures of my art except by text. And my inner journey holds less general inspiration than your blogs. But it is mine and Una ( now 19 and blind) is willing to listen as long as I respond to her frequent meows, always for food. Stay Open and Stay my friend, you bearded bard. Loretta

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