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2 thoughts on “Mille Lacs Kathio”

  1. This is fantastic! I will go along on your adventures via blog and your delightful perspective any time. Great flow of writing with the perfect blend of photography. Gorgeous. I look forward to hearing about your Passport Project. Oh, and had a flashback of our little trip to Whitewater State Park probably 5-6 years back. My goal is to explore as many MN State Parks next year as possible, and continue expanding with each year (easier as the baby gets older). There is much beauty in this state alone; slightly overwhelming to think of all the possibilities just in this country. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Enjoyable read! I like that you talk to all the strangers. Love your pictures- isn’t fall great?!

    I like treating Minneapolis/Minnesota like I’m a tourist as well. Too often the locals haven’t seen any of the beauty their home city or state offers. I haven’t explored much of northern Minnesota, but I hope to see Taylor’s Falls soon. Though, I will wait until spring for that one!

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