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Hanson Photography…is heading abroad!

Life is meant to be lived.  Even if it means graduating from college but not moving into any particular career right away.  Even if it means going against the wishes of your parents and ideas of your friends.  Even if it means selling all your possessions and quitting your job to go on a dangerous trip around the world.

What are you talking about Ian?  Get to the point man!  Well here.  It is officially official, on November 4th, Hanson Photography will be flying out of Vancouver and heading to Nepal.  For anyone who might not know, that is a country sandwiched in between the nations of China and India.  The latter is also on the list of places we shall be visiting.

Your brain is now becoming inundated with a cloud of concern.  “Why are you going?”,  “That is awfully soon, did this just come up randomly?”,  “How are you paying for this?”, etc.  These are all very good questions, to which some answers are better than others.

Suffice it to say, the idea for this trip was conceived months ago when I was sent a link to an article online.  One of the focuses of our trip, the “Annapurna Circuit Trek”, is supposedly one of the best treks in the world.  It can take up to three weeks to hike, staying in tea houses along the way and experiencing some of the most majestic views available to the human race.  The focus of the article explained that to accommodate more tourists and make the trek easier/quicker they would be completing more roads, shortening the actual trek and allowing vehicles to be used instead.  The friend who brought this to my attention…wants to enjoy it before they “ruin” it.  Completion for the roads are set to be done by next year.  No time to waste.

So for the next two and a half weeks, I will try to get some more blogs up explaining the buildup of this crazy trip.  What am I hoping to gain?  How am I putting it together?  Am I afraid of getting sick and dying in a jail cell after having someone plant drugs on me?  How will we cope with Hanson Photography being out of the country unavailable all winter?

Your questions will be answered.

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