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Work With Me (Save, Old)

Ground Floor, Going Up!

This is a chance to join me and work together from the beginning.  In the following categories I will cover collaborative partnership opportunities that I will open to as I begin my blogging journey.  For some the discussion is open, and I will cover visions and goals as I see them.

Media Kit

Download this short Media Kit for updated social stats and goals.

Media Kit

Audience Description

The Spur Trail is a modern, inspirational photo/story blog that mixes informative articles with imagery and tales that make you want to use that knowledge.  You can give a man a fish, but if you let him see how and why to do it himself, well then everybody wins.  This blog will appeal to photographers, hikers, backpackers, distance cyclists & bike packers, adventurers, and anybody that’s ever had a dream of living bigger than they are.

Audience Interest
  • Camping & Hiking
  • Canoeing
  • Long Distance Cycling
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Making Connections
  • Sustainable & Responsible Travel
  • Wildlife Photography
  • Street Photography
  • International Travel
  • Midwest Travel
  • Road trips
  • Solo Travel
Social Media

Instagram – It’s like compounding interest.  It is better to start now than to start investing later.  In the last year since I’ve begun focusing on my account, I’ve seen my following grow by 100%.  As I continue to reinvest in other forms of engagement, more social media presence, public speaking, content creation, this will continue to grow.  I am open to working with other Influencers to continually increase both our traffic.

Currently on both Instagram and Facebook, my following is 55% female & 45% male, with 50% of the population between the ages of 25-34.  Of that, 90% are located in the United States.  As of this writing my current following is 2,219.

Guest Blogging

As I build my audience I am currently looking for opportunities to provide guest blog posts for other bloggers.  Please give me any information you may have for pitching ideas, and topics you may be interested in having covered.


Do you offer a particular opportunity, activity, tour, destination, or location that requires a unique personality to check it out?  In exchange for, lodging, meals, or activities I will provide content via my website, social media channels, and reviews on sites such as Trip Advisor.  This can be through blog posts, images, or video.  Contact me below and we can work together to discuss the details of a mutually beneficial exchange.  Please note, that I strive for honesty, integrity and truth in order to maintain a healthy and trusting relationship with my readers.  This means that all reviews will be honest, and any sponsorships transparent.

Product Sponsor

If I told you I didn’t love gear, I would be lying.  I can spend hours researching travel bags that could possibly simplify my life and make me look good (at least better).  If you have any product that you think would benefit my audience I would be happy to test it out on my next adventure.  Currently I am working to provide content for Enlightened Equipment, a local, Minnesota ultralight gear company and they have thus far been happy with images that consistently do well on their social media and email blasts.


Are you a fellow photographer, adventurer, lover-of-beer or life or everything?  If you have travel opportunities coming up and want to partner to create content, feel free to drop me a line and we will see if the stars will align for us.