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1 thought on “How To: Get A Date On Valentine’s Day”

  1. Ian: first of all I must commend you on your writing and your photography. I am 83 years old and still upright and sucking air. My photography journey was somewhat parallel to yours but in a different direction. My journey started in the third grade when my mother took some pictures of me in my First Communion outfit. When I saw the pictures, I had absolutely NO knowledge whatsoever about photography, but I realized the pictures were not the best, e.g., squinting terribly because of facing directly into the blinding son. begged and pleaded with my mom to let me try using the camera however I wanted. She reluctantly gave in, but said one roll of film was all I was allotted. I was hooked! The pics were definitely not the best but I knew I was on my way to fame and fortune. Kodthe alluring world of Nikonak box camera became a Kodak Duaflex, then a Pony 828, then a Miranda, then a Petri (when in the Army), then I got into Nikon and was fully addicted. I needed every possible attachment I could afford and a succession of Nikons until my first digital camera inthe nineties . again a succession of increasingly better and more expensive digital cameras. I now have 35,000 photos in my computer, all tagged and edited. My picture-taking days are about over as I no longer can walk or stand withiuyt my walker (due mostly to spinal stenosis) Gotta fo now. I will spend a lot more time on your site aafter lunch.

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